A review Synthesis and luminescence characterize of emitting phosphor of garnet structure with effect of heating time


  • Ganesh Vandile
  • D V Nandanwar R T M Nagpur University, Nagpur
  • A. K. Nandanwar J. M. Patel College, Bhandara, RTM Nagpur University




SEM, TEM, Structural Studies ERD, IR Spectrospoy, PL


In this review, we deal with the structural properties of the garnet family of phosphor materials activated with trivalent lanthanide ions in the nano-crystalline materials. The interest is devoted the important garnet hosts: structure and luminescence spectroscopy are presented and discussed with particular meanings given to the possibility of achieving efficiently luminescence from trivalent lanthanide ions at the nano-level and to the potential and predicted technological applications of this class of materials.

Author Biographies

D V Nandanwar, R T M Nagpur University, Nagpur


Department of Physics

Shri Mathuradas Mohota College of Science, Nagpur.

A. K. Nandanwar, J. M. Patel College, Bhandara, RTM Nagpur University

Assistant Professor and Head

Department of Physics

J. M. Patel College, Bhandara- 441904

RTM Nagpur University


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