A Unique Approach to Exactly Solve Optical Pulses in Nonlinear Meta-materials


  • Dr. Lipsa Nanda




Meta-materials, NRM, NLSE, SRRs, Solitons


Ultra-short pulse propagation in nonlinear NRM has been investigated where a wide class of solutions for bright and dark solitons has been analyzed for distinct parameter ranges. Here the pulse propagation in nonlinear meta-material has been analytically by solving the nonlinear Schrödinger's equation (NLSE) in composite media expressing frequency dispersion in the dielectric permittivity (ε) and the magnetic permeability (µ). The solutions are exactly shown to be of trigonometric & localized types. The analytical and simulation based result has been utilized to study the intensity variation in case of a nonlinear meta-material which typically behaves as a negative refractive medium (NRM), for which both ε and µ exhibit frequency dispersion and are negative in nature. The peak of the pulse-intensity curve slowly decreases as the frequency increases towards the magnetic plasma frequency. The stability of the solitonic solutions has also been established.


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