A Comprehensive Examination of Ni@AgCl Nanoparticles – An Insight for Opto-Electronic Applications


  • Shivani R B
  • Dr. R. Vanathi Vijayalakshmi Queen Mary's College, Chennai, India




XRD, W-H Plot, UV-Vis absorption spectra, Photoluminescence


In this study, chemical reduction approach was used to successfully manufacture Ni@AgCl core-shell nanoparticles with molar ratios of 1:1 and 4:1. The crystalline nature and face-centered cubic structure of these materials were confirmed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) investigation. Numerous characteristics, including crystallite size, dislocation density, lattice constants, volume of the unit cell, and lattice strain, were calculated using the Scherer formula and W-H plot. The findings showed that, in comparison to sample (B), which has a molar ratio of 4:1 sample (A) had a higher crystallite size and lower lattice strain. Both materials’ spherical shapes were validated by morphological analysis using EDAX, which also revealed their chemical composition. Indicating indirect band gap values of 2.53 eV and 2.45 eV, the UV-Vis absorption spectra of samples (A) and (B) revealed strong peaks at 237 nm and 239 nm, respectively, confirming their semiconducting characteristics. For samples (A) and (B), photoluminescence examination revealed emission wavelengths at 397 nm and 398 nm, respectively, falling in the UV zone. In light of these results, the synthesized Ni@AgCl core-shell nanoparticles are attractive candidates for Opto-electronic applications.


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